How to level fast in MapleStory 2

  • How to level fast in MapleStory 2 and also reach max level fast

    It has formally been a month since Maplestory 2 launched back on Maple story M Mesos October 1. At this point and time, we're quite certain that lots of gamers are already sitting at max level 60. Though, if you are a veteran Mapler that's been playing since the very first match, we all recognize that one personality just isn't enough. So here are some hints on how to level quickly in Maplestory 2!

    For real, though. Don't sleep on your main quests. The main quest reward provides so much EXP which you're able to reach level 50 readily in about eight hours. If you're leveling a second character, it ought to go even quicker. Just skip all the dialogue and cutscenes. Be sure to not get sidetracked by side quests! Lots of chance, later on, to come back and perform them if you care about this narrative. They are mostly drawing quests so you're not missing out considerably by focusing on the primary story.

    You can't do this bit if it's your very first character. But if you happen to be leveling an alt, ditch those Rotor Walkie Talkies to the Goldus Bank chest. This will aid your alts move faster as they move from 1 spot to another while completing quests. Alternately, if you wan na na save those tickets then just use the cab -- you just have to pay Mesos. Apart from Walkie Talkies, you could also pass your alt a quick mount from your main account. Anything that may give it a little boost, really.

    You would think that the previous ten levels are the hardest, but it is unbelievably easy. At this point, you are going to be out of main quests. Hell no. That is where your Life Skills be convenient since they give level EXP.It's essential that once you get your initial performing sheet in the quest NPC, you don't use it on manual performance. That is mmogdp because when you perform manually, it absorbs the sheet usage level. However, if done via auto-perform, the usage amount will not be consumed. So when you get to 50, pop that auto-perform 30-minute / 1-hour ticket and you'll be level 60 in no time.

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