Rocket League uses committed servers with boilerplate

  • In this accurate video,the channel's architect Chris runs several tests in Rocket League to LOLGA acquisition the boilerplate lag amid two players in an online match.

    The assay about Rocket League starts at about 8:11 in the video above,but the aboriginal allocation is aswell annual watching as it covers a lot of accepted but advantageous advice about how online bold servers function.

    According to Rocket League Crates the tests apparent in the video,Rocket League uses committed servers with boilerplate amend ante of 60 Hz for both accessible and clandestine matches.He affected that it takes an boilerplate of 60 milliseconds for one player's jumping movement to annals on accession player's screen.If compared adjoin added amateur with a agnate brace aggregate like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: All-around Offensive,Rocket League's achievement is about average.

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