Path of Exile feel the videos each and every time

  • Poison remains absolute garbage, however you can make a non-poison assassin and also be satisfied with all 8 points!

    This crap is insane. Makes me wonder wtf will likely be done to scion to create her nearly this level. Cause she obviously cannot compete in any respect atm against buffs such as these.

    So I've been mildly infuriated cuz I have to check out videos each and every time I want to use whatever of the big nodes ...

    So I took the liberty of developing a little site for folks who don't like checking video anytime (:
    PS: will update the website as more ascendancies are revealed when they won't be inside Path of Building by that time.

    Some patches (like 2.5 if I remember correctly) are Cheap POE Currency nerf patches and several are buff patches. It seems this will be of the 2nd sort.

    Enjoy the facility guys because I have a strong feeling nerfs are incoming in 3.3.

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