Path of Exile charges to scale my spell dmg

  • There goes my estimation.

    Most people overreacted but they just forgot that changes are stored on beta not live.

     And now because i agree that individuals changes were poorly shown us they simply dont address the issues that they were generated for, its not all though.

    Power charge change will be good i kinda desire to play Cheap POE Orbs non-crit spellcaster using power charges because getting frenzy charges to scale my spell dmg only agreed to be impossible for a lot of builds.

     My issue with frenzy charge now could be that its limiting builds like traps and thats bad especially that u showed us this kind of good armor piece.

    But i do believe that adding something similar to "5% more trap dmg per frenzy charge" to saboteur could be good way to breath new life in weak ascendancy (naturally it's not really the only change thats essential for saboteur) nevertheless having frenzy your path.

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