Path of Exile glove implicits with new gems

  • I think an individual reveal on the whole thing immediately like you guys did together with the act maybe five or ten is much more amazing than this.

    The current patch notes seem like there was no effort built to Buy POE Currency balancing / buffing unused skills to create more versatile builds.

    Still awaiting an answer about what happens to vaal'ing glove implicits with POE Trade new gems, if the old vulnerability on hit gloves can become despair on hit, or end up being the new vulnerability?

    And are we able to now vaal despair on hit gloves?

    I mind the game's direction but I understand GGG happens to be more cruel.

    Really, I thought sunder, every wand skill each bow skill can be deleted.

    I thought the patch notes were very extensive and fair.

    It shows your teams strong resolve for their game.

    I'm sorry that individuals are complaining over it. Keep up the astounding work!

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