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the Greeks were hoping for Wholesale D.J. Reader Jersey

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    10 октября 2017 г. 9:35:31 MSK
    It should not at all be taken in the the bail-out booster which the Greeks were hoping for Wholesale D.J. Reader Jersey , but Athens has very extracted a sum of 330 million euros from the Siemens, which is the engineering group of Germany, in the form of the settlement of the corruption charges on them.
    In this deal that was loaded with Schadenfraude, the finance ministry of Greece made an announced that they have signed a settlement deal along with Siemens that “achieves significant financial benefit and the benefit to the real economy.”
    The deal is formally going to settle in long-running allegations against Siemens that they had used bribery in order to secure a raft on the contracts for the Athens’ Olympic Games in the year 2004.
    It was signed by the finance minister of Greece, Yannis Stournaras in the last week, according to a notice on the treasury website of Greece. At the same time, the prime minister of the country, Antonis Samaras was in Berlin asking Angela Merkel for “time to breathe” on the deadlines of the bail-out . Accorsding to the statement, “By signing the agreement, the Greek government achieves significant financial benefit and the benefit to the real economy through positive actions and a range of benefits”.
    According to the terms of the settlement Wholesale Joel Heath Jersey , this group Germany has agreed to write-off the sum of 80 million euros that were owed by the state of Greece as well as it also further guaranteed a sum of 250 million euros in the form of investment in the economy of the country.
    Siemens will be paying a sum of 90 million euros in the span of five years in order to fund the infrastructure of the government of Greece, from medical equipment to the research programmes of the university . Along with this, it has also pledged to invest a sum of 100 million euros in Greece during the year 2012 “to ensure the continued presence and activity of the company, which currently employs more than 600 employees”, as per the statement. Along with this, the company has also given their agreement to “build a new plant in Greece with a budget of over €60 million, which will lead to the employment of over 700 people.”Apply with 3000 loan @ http:www.3000loans.org cash for your all small and big money requirement without credit checking.
    Greece is also intending to appoint its own equivalent to the troika inspectors while Siemens has given agreement to to a “corporate compliance program under a committee appointed by the Greek government.”Siemens did not give any comment.
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