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    There are so many Los Cabos activities that you can get actively involved with. You'll have much more to remember about your Baja California vacation than just the perfect weather Wholesale Kelechi Osemele Jersey , and the gorgeous scenery. From a relaxing Los Cabos cruise to excitement filled Jet skis, there's something for everyone to savor.

    A break from from laying by the villa pool will make a world of difference to your Los Cabos vacation. Don't tan yourself by the pool for the whole time, and then wish you tried something different. All the activities are 5 - 10 minutes from your hotel or villa.

    Cabo San Lucas ATV tour

    You'll gain some knowledge about the Cabo San Lucas desert terrain with a Cabo San Lucas ATV tour. You just need a quick course to be shown how to ride an ATV then you're off. You'll be taken around private desert roads, have drinks breaks, and be educated about the terrain you're riding through. The tour is set at a relaxing pace so you're not in a race and always trying to catch up. Remember to take your camera with you as you'll get some nice pictures of the Baja desert.

    Take a dip with the dolphins

    Another one of the many Los Cabos activities you can enjoy is swimming with dolphins. These mammals are beautiful as well as intelligent. You'll have the pleasure of getting to know one of the dolphins, and be able to pet them. Taking a dip with the dolphins, and learning about them is an amazing experience.

    Whale watching

    Between the Months of January and April whale watching is a major reason why people enjoy a vacation in Cabo San Lucas. The whales swim down to the warmer water in Baja California, and it offers you the opportunity to get as close as possible to these magnificent creatures. You will get near enough to stroke them on some of the whale watching tours.

    Los Cabos cruise

    Another one of those relaxing Baja California activities is a Cabo cruise. You get to see a sunset over the Pacific Ocean which is the perfect way to finish your day. These set out in the early evening, and take you around Lover's Beach and the Archway, and you finish up witnessing the sun setting. You get plenty of drinks as well to enjoy while you're watching the sun set.

    You can have a snorkeling cruise as well so you can take a dip with some of the Baja marine life. The waters are filled with nutrients in Cabo San Lucas which Is why it's a good habitat for the marine life.

    Jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas

    A jet ski ride in Cabo San Lucas is an easy, fun of getting out onto the water. You can just walk down to El Medano Beach Wholesale Cory James Jersey , and you'll discover a few vendors who you hire the jet skis or wave runners from.

    They're easy to ride, all you need is a quick lesson, and you'll be skimming over the waves in no time. The only thing you need to look out for is other jet skiers, and make sure you don't ride around the Archway onto the Pacific Ocean.

    Enjoy yourself

    Cabo San Lucas is an excellent place for a vacation. It's not big, but there's a so much you can do. It could be a shame to have a exclusively relaxing time, and then miss out on one of the Cabo San Lucas activities you could have enjoyed.

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