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Legal assistance needed

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    7 июня 2018 г., 15:43:31 MSK



    Since 1998, My wife & I have been living quietly & peacefully in our apt. in Astoria, NY--for almost 14 yrs. However, during the past 2-3 yrs, we have been suffering (both physically & mentally) from the irresponsible neighbor (who is living directly above to our apt.), as well as the negligence from our landlord. (BTW, this neighbor from h*ll is not a legal leasee.)During the past 2-3 years, we have been always awoken in the middle of the night (at 2-3 am) for at least once a week (for almost every week). Our apt. have been flooded w/ the sewage water from the toilet (about 6-7 times during the past 18 months). The worst is there were sewage water leaks from the toilet twice, during the past 8 days As our patiences & mental healths are running out, we would be very grateful if someone could pls suggest or recommend the lawyer who is expert in the landlord & tenant case.

    Please help.

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