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Property Tax Exemption

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    You won’t be looking for any special physical characteristics — you can’t tell anything about what a baby lizard will eventually look like by looking at his parents — but you do need to assure yourself that the animal was captive-bred and not captured in the wild. An animal that is captured is likely to have parasites and to shy away from human contact. A captive-bred reptile will be clean and tame.

    Make Sure That Snake Isn’t Bringing Any Friends
    Make sure the snake you’re considering adopting is “clean” — meaning that the animal is free of parasites and worms Authentic Vincent Trocheck Jersey , especially tapeworms. Reptiles need to be wormed just as dogs and cats do. If the breeder says that a snake is clean, a vet has checked the animal for parasites and has provided the appropriate treatment to get rid of any that were found.

    Was There a Death in the Family?
    Snakes are born in a clutch of eggs, and most of the animals from the clutch should have survived. Before buying from a breeder, ask what percentage of the snakes born in your potential pet’s clutch have died. If more than half of them have not survived, you might be dealing with weak stock, and the rest of the clutch is likely to be sickly, too. A breeder shouldn’t sell animals out of a clutch that has a high mortality rate, and reputable breeders know that. You can protect yourself by asking.

    Born to Be Wild
    Some people try to sell snakes caught in the wild, especially ball pythons, and pass them off as being captive-bred because the latter are easier to sell. Make sure that you are buying a captive-bred snake (which will be healthy and friendly) rather than one that was captured in the wild (which will be surly and have lots of health problems). How can you tell? The best way is to look at the top of the animal’s head. If the scales are discolored and dull instead of shiny, the snake has had some sun damage — and no captive-bred snake would have been exposed to the sun long enough to have developed the problem. Also look for parasites, such as ticks. If a snake has ticks, the animal was not born in a terrarium.

    Watch the Tip of the Tail
    The key to finding a great lizard is to look at the animal’s tail. A healthy lizard has a nice, fat tail. If the tail looks thin, the lizard may be malnourished. Avoid any lizard that has protruding bones on the legs, hips, or jaw. He may have a calcium deficiency that results in a condition called metabolic bone disease (MBD). Because the condition is difficult to treat, many hobbyists try to sell lizards that have it rather than take them to the vet. It pays to look closely.

    Get a Clean Belly of Health
    Before you purchase a turtle, check to see that she has bright, shiny eyes, which indicates good health. Test to see that she’s alert — or at least not comatose. And make sure that the tank has a fresh lining and that the underside of the turtle is clean. These are proofs that the animal has been raised in a clean environment.

    Author Vargas, the scientist (Ph.D. immunology), leans towards the holistic and alternative side of medicine. Author Cargill, the number cruncher (statisticianscience writer), leans towards the party line of the commercial pet food manufacturers and traditional Western veterinary medicine. This article will address nutritional supplements for the promotion and maintenance (prevention of illness) of good health rather than focusing on medicinal supplements targeting specific medical problems. Read on for our joint interpretation of the results of our investigation into canine food supplements.

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    Renewable energy sources are growing fast to become the largest segment of the US power industry. Among all renewable energy sources, the sun is the most abundant source. The advancements in technology are unleashing the potential of solar power and making it affordable. For the benefit of future generations and our planet, it is the right time for us to embrace this highly efficient renewable energy source. Kansas City Solar Energy has a lot of potential since the city's resources are untapped. Kansas is the fourth best solar resource state in the US with the potential to generate 6,960 GW of solar power.

    Policy and Incentive Benefits in Kansas City

    With all the potential, Kansas City ranks at 38th position for solar installation capacity. It shows that there is an enormous opportunity for us to contribute to the environment and in the process save money by reducing power bills. To switch over to the solar energy, Kansas City offers certain benefits to its citizens even though they are less compared to the other states.

    Higher Electricity Prices

    Switching to the solar power does help you since Kansas Electricity prices are $.13kWh, which ties it at the 18th spot for Nation's highest electricity prices. It makes sense to switch to solar power since it can reduce your power bills.

    Net Metering

    You will also benefit due to the Net metering policy in the Kansas City as you will be given credit for the solar energy surplus. Net metering is available for residential systems up to 25kW in capacity on a first come first serve basis. It is a benefit to save on your energy bills.

    Property Tax Exemption

    The property tax exemption saves your money in the long run if not immediately. Installing a solar energy system enhances the value of your home. You don't have to pay any property tax on the increased value of your home. It is a significant saving because the value of the home increases approximately 20 times the annual savings of the electricity bill. This value is going to be substantial, and the property tax on that will be huge.

    Overall Advantage

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