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    10 октября 2018 г., 19:35:19 PDT

    SKOPJE, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Nearly 1.8 million Macedonian citizens with a right to vote are heading to polling stations on Sunday morning to elect lawmakers of the single-chambered Macedonian Parliament.

    The voting polls are open from 7:00 am (0600 GMT) on Sunday morning and are due to close 12 hours later.

    Six political parties and five coalition blocks have entered the race in an attempt to win the votes and secure a majority of the 123 seats in the Parliament.

    "We have taken all necessary measures. The election material is distributed to all the polls throughout the country and everything is ready to have an efficient voting day," Ljupka Guguchevska, spokesperson for the State Election Commission, said.

    About 8,000 domestic and 700 foreign observers will monitor the election process in Macedonia.

    The snap election was part of an EU-brokered deal between Macedonia's four major parties to end the country's nearly two years of political crisis initiated by a mass surveillance scandal which erupted in February 2015.

    The opposition accused the government of illegally wiretapping 20,000 people, including politicians, judges, journalists and religious leaders.

    The scandal has led then conservative Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to step down in January after nearly 10 years in power and agree to hold new elections. He is now seeking a return to office with his VMRO-DPMNE party which leads a 25-party coalition called "For a Better Macedonia."

    Gruevski's major opponent, Social Democratic Union (SDSM) head Zoran Zaev, leads a left-leaning coalition called "For Life in Macedonia."

    The outcome of the elections is difficult to predict. Pre-election public opinion polls gave Gruevski's VMRO an edge to Zaev's SDSM, but the number of the so-called "indecisive voters" is high on all opinion polls.

    "I expect a massive turnout at the elections and hopefully a peaceful election day. These are important elections for the country. The turnout will probably be higher than previous elections, because the citizens want an end to the crisis. They want a stable country ready to move forward," university professor Aleksandar Dashtevski told Xinhua.

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